Adding a Small Flokati at the Bedside

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I can think of few nicer luxuries than stepping out of bed onto a soft flokati rug every morning. And it wouldn't take a lot: a little 2'x3' rectangle at the bedside would suffice, and runs only about $60 for even a good-quality, lofty flokati rug:

More often than not, I see large flokatis that run under the bed and spill out around the sides. I can't imagine that much thick, fluffy rug sitting under the bed and gathering dust bunnies. Or even worse, a platform-style bed crushing the majority of the rug. It seems a small rug or runner simply placed alongside the bed (like this one in a bedroom from Moger Mehrhof Architects) would function much better and save a lot of money.

Do you have a flokati in the bedroom for receiving your feet as they hit the ground for the day? How is it?

(Image credits: Moger Mehrhof Architects)

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