A Smart, Simple, Successful Petty Cash System for Couples

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On our recent thread about discussing money with your significant other, one of our lovely readers, kendic , shared the success story of a simple, smart spending (or saving, as the case may be) system that works like a charm...

I highly recommend the petty cash system - it has worked GREAT for us. I am a major shopper and find a lot of joy in antiquing and thrifting (let's be honest any other form of shopping) while he has owned only 3 pairs of shoes in our entire 10 year relationship.

We deposit a set amount each month from our main account into two separate checking accounts. Since our marriage 4 years ago, his "petty account" is up to $6,000, and my is currently at $4.06. We are still saving for retirement and have all of our "emergency accounts" stocked, but no fights over spending!

Thanks for sharing your smarts, kendic!

(Image credits: Alexis Buryk)