A Sneak Peek at IKEA's New 2015 Collections

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Sweden with a group of editors, writers, photographers and journalists from all over the world for a one-of-a-kind visit with IKEA's creative teams. Called "Democratic Design Days", it was an opportunity to learn about their work processes and to get an early sneak peek at some of what they have in store for us in the year to come. They plan to launch multiple collections on a rolling basis starting this fall and continuing throughout 2015. Here's a quick look at what they shared with those of us who made the (glorious!) trek to Almhult...

My favorite was a super decorative line of accessories and small furniture pieces based on traditional motifs with a modern twist called Scandinavian Roots, launching in October 2014:

Home Smart, a (really clever and useful) line of nightstands, side tables, and lamps that have built in charging "pads" to allow for wireless charging of phones and tablets, etc. Just put your phone down on the lamp base or tabletop and have it at full power by morning. It's launching April 2015:

A limited edition collection called Hand Made Nature Fibre made up of artisan created pieces made from natural materials will debut in April 2015. A mix of pieces with classic lines and some new, unusual shapes made from neutrals combined with strong blacks or bold colors, it's one of those collections that will likely have something for everyone and will be a grab-it-while-its-around situation...

Everyday Function is a collection of workhorse pieces created with an eye on fashionable, functional design. Seating, lighting, storage and more are all made to work well, last long and look good. The new pieces in this line will launch in April 2015.

Finally, there is a big collection of Scandinavian Traditional pieces, launching October 2014, with things for every room of the home. From a classic wooden bed to simple, stylish dining chairs and a slouchy, curvy, comfy sofa (with very stylish legs!) and accompanying accessories from tabletop to textiles, this is a return to the roots of Swedish design, updated for how we live today.

I'll be sure to share more details and official photography for all the collections as it becomes available, but in the meantime, you can start planning which pieces might make it into your home in 2015 - just like those of us who saw the preview did over dinner that evening!

(Image credits: Janel Laban)