Entertaining with a Sofa at the Dinner Table

Entertaining with a Sofa at the Dinner Table

Regina Yunghans
Nov 3, 2009

We've hit on this idea before, but here we've stumbled on it again in a New York City apartment. Here, it looks like the table is set for a special dinner...

...and the sofa at the table provides plenty of space for guests. As Apartment Therapy readers have pointed out, seating of this type mixed with a dining scenario must take into consideration possible stained upholstery and seat-to-table height.

While this example looks like it's in an apartment without small space challenges, the arrangement can be put to use in more humble abodes. For a few dinner parties every so often, we love the idea of pulling the sofa up to the table.

Image: David Jacquot / New York Spaces

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