A Sophisticated Restful Nursery

My Room

Name: Lawrence (Newborn)
Location:Sydney, Australia

My husband and I live in a rented two bedroom apartment in Sydney. With rentals in Sydney, you are usually very limited to what you can do to a space - painting a rental is pretty unheard of. I decided to try and push those boundaries by painting the walls a dark navy and replacing the Venetian blind with white linen curtains, brass fixtures and a block out blind.

This being the smallest and darkest bedroom in the apartment, I decided to embrace that darkness with a deep color (Benjamin Moore Hale Navy) that would feel sophisticated and restful. It was important to me that the room didn't feel too 'babyish' or out of synch with the rest of our apartment.

I was inspired by vintage zoological and botanical prints, natural history museums, and deep blues that have a nautical feel. I also like clean modern furniture so I blended in some mid-century prints and furniture pieces. My colour palette for the room was navy with teals, tangerine, mustard and gold accents. In order for it not to look too dark, I incorporated lots of white as well.

Much of what is in the nursery are things that I found online second-hand. This helped us to keep our budget and material consumption to a minimum, while allowing us to splurge a bit on some new things we loved - like the Fiona Walker polar bear head that we mounted to the wall. A key piece for me was the mid-century dresser which will double as a change table and which we bought second hand. I had specifically been looking for something in a warm, bright tone that would pop against the navy walls. There had been a giant (unattractive) mirror attached to the back but my husband was able to saw it off so that it could sit under the window. The IKEA crib is also second hand but barely used since the previous owners had it only for a visiting family member.

We have a glider in our bedroom (where I will do most of the feedings) so for the nursery we decided a pull-out sofa was the most practical thing. This allows one of us to sleep in the nursery whenever we desperately need a solid night's sleep!

I found the large toucan and pineapple prints at an online poster shop. I found the gold frames second-hand, which fit perfectly. The toucan print is what actually inspired the color palette. The artwork above the crib is a collection of pieces I already had or made. (The seashell sketch was done by my mother when I was a child, the photograph is one that I took of the horse I had in high school.)

Thanks, Anne!


(Image credits: Submitted by Anne)