A Stylin' Swedish Apartment

This apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden has it all: volume, location, outdoor space, and a mix of contemporary style with old materiality. Plus, you've gotta love those red Chesterfields:

Lucky for us, it was on the market through Swedish real estate brokerage firm Stadshem, so we get to see the awesome interiors.

This place is full of inspiration for apartment-dwellers. Our favorite detail (besides the sofas, of course!)? It's the "coat closet" in the entryway. Hanging coats flat against the wall on hooks and hangers is a perfect way to demarcate an entryway where there isn't a defined architectural space. Orienting them parallel to the wall would help keep coats out of the way in a tight space. The entryway is completed by a low credenza that separates it from the living space.

Now, there is a ton of other great inspiration here. Tell us, what's your favorite detail?

Images: Stadshem

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