A Summer Birthday Dinner

A Summer Birthday Dinner

Maxwell Ryan
Jun 24, 2013

One of my oldest friends from college celebrated his birthday this past week, and we threw him a dinner on Saturday night with a long table on a bluff by the bay. The weather was perfect, the Solstice had just occurred and it was a Super Moon that night. The table was simple, and inspired a bit by these pics from HOST in Copenhagen and the food was delicious take-out from a local Mexican restaurant. 


We've used this style of table for years. They are cheap and easy to move. Horses are assembled and legs cut to 28" in height. Table tops are made out of sheets of 3/4" plywood cut in half, so that they are 2'x8' long each. Each table sits four comfortably on a side with room on the ends for two more. 

Tablecloths are standard cotton 12'x15' canvas dropcloths

  • Napkins are Pottery Barn
  • Hurricanes are Crate & Barrel

Margaritas and Gin & Tonics.... Rosé for the dinner... 
Music was provided by an iPhone connected via Bluetooth to an awesome new find - Stelle Audio Pillar

We decided for this dinner NOT to cook, which was a novel concept and much appreciated by everyone with children who would have had to cook it and then clean up. The whole meal came from an amazing Mexican restaurant nearby called La Fondita. We gave ourselves a break. 

It was delicious. 

(Images: Maxwell Ryan)

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