(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Apartment Therapy has the Small, Cool Contest. Ohdeedoh has Smaller, Cooler. Unplggd has The Perfect Workspace. The Kitchn has Quick Weeknight Meals—all reader-submitted contests that are super popular and inspiring. But what about Re-Nest? What do we have? Well, besides the bi-annual Home Cure, which is currently on hiatus while we reimagine and restructure it, we haven't really hit our reader contest stride.

But, that is about to change, my friends. This summer we're going to have a contest of our own with some fabulous prizes, and since you'll be the ones voting on the winner, we're curious to hear what topic gets you most jazzed! (Yes, I said jazzed, and I'm also waving my jazz hands.)

UPDATE: You have until the end of this week to cast your vote!