A Super Sassy Makeover for Your Plant Pots

A Super Sassy Makeover for Your Plant Pots

(Image credit: Submitted by Ariel)

How cute are these planters?! If you're looking for a way to shake up your succulents in an afternoon, this adorable project is calling your name. You need a cutting machine (need another reason to invest in one? check these projects out) but if you have one on hand, everything else is a cinch.

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 5 Minutes
Project Cost: $10

(Image credit: Submitted by Ariel)

What You Need


  • Cricut or other cutting machine and cutting mat
  • Weeding tool
  • Transfer tape
  • Vinyl scraps in black, red, or pink. Any color will do!
  • Succulents or planters
(Image credit: Submitted by Ariel)


  1. Chose the faces you'd like for your planters. I did a mix and match of different faces from several existing patterns. The Design Space has one face already made for free (Wink #M4FCE34 by Phone Decals). I used different eyes and lips across the 5 planters. I had to avoid having one face staring back at me the entire time. I also used these two lips from the design space : (Puckered Lips #M33255 by Party Photo Props, and Lips #M3DD2A by Don Juan). They're free to use so it was perfect for me.
  2. Load the images into the design space and begin cutting! I cut each piece of the eyes separately because of the size of my vinyl scraps, and then I cut the lips. If you were doing them all in one color it would be easier, eh?
  3. Using transfer tape, apply the eyes to your planters. Don't forget to leave space for the lips!
  4. Cut the lips and apply them in the same way as the eyes.
  5. Display! I took the time to switch around the faces and eye components to really get the different faces, so it took me an extra minute or two to create these, but it was well worth it!

You can see more on Ariel's blog, PMQ for Two!

Thanks, Ariel!

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