A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party

12am-2am, Drinks

This is where we all ended the evening. With adults bundled up and standing at the fire, the children were mostly in their tents sleeping at this time, though two of them were curled up on the sofa and covered in blankets just out of sight of the camera.

After dinner and dessert I was surprised by one more move: to the little bar hut, surrounded by trees, that had a bar and faced out onto the lake. While the children tended to their fires on the jetty and slowly made their way to bed, the adults settled in for a few more hours of catching up. Conversation went back and forth from Swedish to English and Lukas' group of friends caught up on everything that had happened since last year.

Here's the little bar area earlier in the evening...

Getting the fire ready after dessert...
The children had built their own fires out on the stone jetty by carrying embers across the lawn from the adult fire. They soon had to put them out when everyone retired to the bar.
I snapped this earlier in the evening as well in the bar....
This was a really cool little thing that they used to keep music spinning all evening: Pacemaker DJ app for iPads. Pulling from Spotify and iTunes, they mixed songs and added effects throughout the evening... It's today's Daily Find too. :)
It got dark indeed, but the sky was always blue... And it was cold on June 21 so everyone pulled in and bundled up.
Here's a lovely last shot at 2am just before I went to bed. This was as dark as it got. In a few minutes a rowboat pulled up with friends who were visiting and some of them got in the boat to go to another house party.

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And if you want to see Lukas (ChezLukas.com), our host and chef, cook Spaghetti alle Vongole (he's an amazing chef), here you go:

49 seconds of Swedish road footage starting and ending in Stockholm on the day before Midsummer's Eve...

Swedish Road Film from Apartment Therapy Media on Vimeo.

(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan)

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