A Swedish Midsummer's Eve Party

9pm-12am, Dessert

Our Midsummer Dinner in Sandreda, Sweden was a lovely, casual affair stretching on for hours with different stages of checking in around food and drink (see first "Dinner 6-9pm" post here). While the adults gathered in different configurations (putting on more and more clothes as it was cold), the children ran around playing most of the time (and didn't seem to mind the cold at all). But they all stopped for strawberries, whipped cream and cake. Swedish strawberries are famous and these did not disappoint.

I snapped this pic of the road running outside the house. Three older men were walking down the middle. This used to be a very small town, but there's not much here now.
So many Swedish houses are similar with their red and white exteriors and tiled roofs.
You can see we moved the table from waterside to underneath this big white tent, which is where it lives all summer. I love that they felt the necessity to move the party around. It's a bit of extra effort but it changes up the energy wonderfully well.
Yes strawberries, but also fresh glasses for more schnapps.
There was darts, Kubb, fire building, football and tag for the wild band of children.
Getting darker and getting colder... It's now midnight here...
But not for the children!
Out on the jetty the children were building their own fire which was to get bigger as the night went on. It's 12:30 now...

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(Image credits: Maxwell Ryan)