Tess' Tiny Home in the Clouds

House Call

Name: Tess
Location: The Mission District, San Francisco, California

I love San Francisco best when it's pale & sparkling, and have filled my apartment with the greys, whites, and watery blues of our magically foggy skies. Besides, living on a rather gritty & festive block of Valencia, I need all the cool clear quiet I can get.

It took a few years to figure out how to balance my Scandinavian modern tendencies with a growing love of prettiness, to create a spare space with just the right amount of lovely, fascinating, functional objects. Every item was either found (the lamp, bird, & chair), homemade (the shelves, cutting board, & table), made by a friend (the print & the painting), or a gift (the carafe, tea pot, & pitcher). I feel surrounded by stories, love, & calm. But even the most serene little home needs a shot of color & fun, so thank goodness for plants, paintings, and record players!

-Tess Wilson

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