Transforming Clocks: Two Designs Geeks Can Love

So the new Transformers movie just came out, and while the film version isn't really my style, I do get excited about home objects that can be used multiple ways. Enter the GEMSTONE, a transforming clock.

The clock can either sit as a gemstone on a surface, OR it can be transformed into a wall clock by simply pulling the sides of the stone out.

The versatility of products like this one is exciting to me. The equally smart Manifold clock doesn't transform into two clocks, but rather transforms from one pattern or color to the next as time passes.

Not only does it provide an interesting alternative to boring clocks, but gives the mechanics of time new meaning. I think I'm sensing a new trend in time keeping.

The GEMSTONE will cost you about $45, and the Manifold costs $63.

(Image credits: BOZU Design)