(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We missed this tip in an email flood about three weeks ago but thought it was worth bringing to the forefront today. A quick video tour by Nate Berkus of his ...

...Chicago apartment is available for viewing at People.

A few details we liked from the video:

  • Nate's got a nicely organized landing strip in the entry - maybe he did The Cure?
  • The monogrammed cocktail napkins at the bar are a fun touch.
  • A wall of books surround the television, making it feel like a library/lounge just as much as a media room.
  • The carpeting in classic patterns (stripes, links) add plenty of visual interest while staying fairly subtle overall.
  • A fireplace in the bedroom is just one of those dream items.
  • We were surprised to see how current the kitchen cabinets and counters look even though they are from a remodel done in the 50s.

    Check it out right here: People

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