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Every year, many tourists visit the fair city of Chicago. The architecture, the restaurants, the lake - all wonderful reasons for making the trip. But what about vintage furniture and decor shopping? It's a perfect destination for that too...
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Editors Picks:
  • Patina
  • Scout
  • Post 27
  • Pavilion
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    Apartment Therapy Reader Favorites:
  • P.O.S.H.
  • The White Attic
  • Modlife
  • Revival
  • Room Service
  • Haystack
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    Ravenswood Antique Mart
    Antique Malls and Salvage Shops:
  • Ravenswood Antique Mart
  • Broadway Antique Market
  • Jan's Antiques
  • Edgewater Antique Mall
  • Architectural Artifacts
  • Urban Remains
  • Salvage One
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    Jayson Home & Garden Flea
    Special Events:
  • Jayson Home & Garden's Flea
  • Chicago Antique Market
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    Ipso Facto
    Worth the Trip Outside the City:
  • Ipso Facto
  • Jubilee Furniture

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