Small House Love: A Bunch of Beautiful Bungalows

Small House Love: A Bunch of Beautiful Bungalows

Jason Loper
Aug 8, 2011

The bungalow is a classic small home common to communities all across the country. What's uncommon is how different all of these homes are. There is no one single style to bungalows; there are many. Take a look at ten bungalows from our house tour archives and see the wild variance in these little houses:

Jesse & Leia's Inspired Americana Bungalow in Santa Barbara is absolutely charming. From the cute art and other personal belongings to the small town feel of the community surrounding this home, this tour is an inspiration for living cute.
• All of the furnishings and accessories in Andrew & John's Vintage Berwyn Bungalow come together to create a gorgeous space in suburban Chicago.
• There's a lot to love in A Bright & Beautiful Bungalow from an Ohio Trio. The amazing DIY art, the vintage pieces sprinkled about the house, and, well, everything else in this home that has been changed from top to bottom.
Erin's Warm & Wood Wrapped Austin Bungalow has to be one of the most original treatments I've ever seen in a bungalow. All of that added recycled wood has transformed this typical bungalow into a showstopper!
• Let's just say the walls of book-filled shelving in Kerri & Luke's Bang for Your Buck Bungalow have inspired plenty of envy in my household!
• In Jen & Rob's Gothic Bungalow there's a unique mix of the couple's many inspirations — from Victorian Gothic to a family ranch. And it all comes together beautifully.
• I am absolutely loving the bright colors in Jenika & Robert's 1944 Bungalow Renovation. Click through to the tour and check out the exterior of this bungalow. Gorgeous!
Nicole & Brandon's Oak Park Bungalow is traditional and stylish. The couple of retained many of the home's good bones — original woodwork and built-ins — while bringing pops of color and modern sensibility to the home with furniture and accessories.
Heidi & Lauren's Brilliant Austin Bungalow is a wonderful example of using color and collections to create an inviting (and gorgeous) space.
• The rooms in this Eclectic & Cool South Austin Bachelor Bungalow are classic yet modern, coming together to create a unique space that exudes cool, casual comfort.

Images: As linked above.

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