A Year in the Woods

A Year in the Woods

Cambria Bold
Sep 6, 2011

A new series on the NYT Green blog worth checking out:

"Three weeks ago, my wife and I moved with our three boys, two cats, five bikes and canoe from the New Jersey suburbs to a cabin in the Maine woods. We'll be here for a year, and from time to time I'll be updating you on our experiment in living in tune with our surroundings and off the grid. We have no hot water, no microwave, no washing machine, no coffee maker and only enough solar electricity to power two laptops and a cellphone...The biggest surprise so far is that the transition was easier than I expected."

Must Read: So This Is the Wilderness (Forget the Stuff) | The New York Times

(Image: Flickr member trazomfreak licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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