Good Question: TALL platform bed?

Good Question: TALL platform bed?

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 5, 2006

Hello AT,
I'm a New York City reader facing a problem I never expected: I can't find a bed that's tall enough for my preferences (and we're not talking length). I have a full-sized mattress and box-spring, and went looking for a bed. I'm 6'7" and tend to like my furniture a little taller than most people, and I can't find a single bed in my price range that comes much above the floor. I've checked a bunch of the bed stores listed on AT, most recently C&B and Room and Board. Apparently low to the ground is in style...? I'm willing to throw out my box spring, but I'd like something that's about the height of a table—or the beds I grew up with.

Something basic and relatively cheap like Crate & Barrel's Ellis is pretty appealing, but still much shorter than I expected.

Do y'all have any ideas for me?


Dear ATReader,

We've visited this question before but I thought it merited revisiting. At 5'9 this isn't an issue for me, but I remember the satisfying feeling of getting "up and into" bed when I was young. My first instinct is to look for an antique bed—try Craigslist or eBay. The bed in the picture is from Leonard's Direct and is a reproduction (though they also sell antiques). Another option I've seen in the city is found at custom cabinetry stores. A lot of these places specialize in storage and I have seen some TALL beds designed with tons of drawers/shelves underneath the mattress.

Does anyone else have suggestions?


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