Nursery Tour: Baby Emmett's Room

Nursery Tour: Baby Emmett's Room

Alejandra Valera
Mar 26, 2008

Name: Abbey and Phil Hendrickson, and baby Emmett
Location: Buffalo, New York

Proof that a rental space can always be made personal and full of charm, Emmett's nursery is buzzing with color, whimsy and dramatic pieces that will certainly put a smile on his face.

Emmett's mother Abbey, of Aesthetic Outburst and How Now Design, tells us, "We are renters, so we've invested in pieces that we can move from place to place if need be. Most of our furnishings come from flea markets, estate sales, thrift stores, and antique stores (and the occasional eBay score). Buying vintage furniture and objects is an affordable way for us to live a green lifestyle, not to mention the fact that we truly enjoy the luxury of not worrying about Emmett spitting up on a $5000 chair."

Emmett's room shows a great balance between modern pieces and vintage touches -- many of them created by Abbey. The first item which caught our eye was the fun pencil sculpture hanging above the blue chair. How many of us have a baggie filled with Garfield pencils that we just can't get rid of? Abbey made use of her childhood pencil collection by gluing them onto a piece of MDF and having her husband drill holes on the back for hanging. That's a great way to save and display childhood memorabilia and makes for an adorable "new school" heirloom. Apart from the pencil sculpture, Abbey also created the the beautiful yo-yo quilt (which she made without a pattern) and the vintage-looking mobile.

Among the other items in Emmett's room include a green Robin dresser from Ikea, the rug from Urban Outfitters and the crib is from Wal-mart's Roxanne Nursery Collection. The various vintage finds a vintage mailbox procured from an antiques co-op outside Rochester and a Larkin desk from an estate auction. Some of the artwork and stuffed animals in the room are by Rachel Hetzel, David Cahill and Renee Garner.