(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Thousands of industry folks just wrapped up the annual ABC Kids Show - the largest tradeshow in the country for kids' gear, furniture, decor, toys and more. Companies unveil their latest products, buyers decide what they want to stock and members of the media, like me, fill you in on what's coming down the design pike. I sat on chairs, laid on beds and kicked the wheels on cribs. Here are ten of my favorite furniture finds:
Kiersten Hathcock of Mod Mom Furniture has come a long way (baby) from her initial foray into the furniture business - toy boxes. While the toy boxes still have my unwavering affection, the company's first twin bed is a stunner. Part of the Owyn bedroom set, if the green doesn't fit into your plan, simply reverse the headboard to find natural birch with a small walnut bird detail.

Click through above to read a little about each piece and why I thought it was notable. Unlike some tradeshows where products won't be in stores for months and months, most of these above are available right now or will be within the next month or two.

(Images: Carrie McBride)