Maybe boring gray and black just isn't your deal. You want to add a little color to your life, even your computer. Or maybe you just want a way to protect the part of your expensive laptop that gets touched the most. Either way, check out this project to customize and protect the trackpad in style.

Over at Carrots and Broccoli, Xin Rui shows off a new laptop, complete with a fresh, new polka-dotted trackpad. She shows how she traced and cut apart a fabric sticker to make her crafty trackpad cover fit like a glove.

It's done with Reform Sticker, a type of adhesive fabric sticker that's sold in large sheets. You can find it online in different patterns with a quick search on eBay or Etsy. Most sheets are less than $5.

According to the blogger at Carrots and Broccoli, the Reform Sticker feels nice to the touch and doesn't impede on your trackpad's scrolling or gesturing capability. Check out the full tutorial here if you're interested.

(Images: Apple, Shutterstock, Carrots and Broccoli)