(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Ever heard of high-tech wood? Neither had we. But apparently when you're building something that needs a very durable kind of wood—like doors, window frames, decks, or anything else outdoors—high-tech Accoya wood is a good choice. In the past, tropical hardwoods were commonly used for that type of project, but because of overharvesting, they're no longer a good option. We explain how Accoya works after the jump.

Instead of using tropical woods, Accoya takes fast-growing, sustainably-sourced softwood and transforms it through a safe, nontoxic process. The wood goes through "acetylation," which uses chemicals naturally present in the wood but alters their structure, so the wood can't easily absorb water as the weather changes. That makes it much stronger, and also changes the cell structure enough that bugs don't recognize it as "wood" and no longer see it as a source of food. Unlike other treated woods, it doesn't use any toxic chemicals. It's 100% recyclable and certified as Cradle-to-Cradle Gold, the highest C2C rating. Find out more on Accoya's website.