Achille Toddler to Teen Concept Bed

Achille Toddler to Teen Concept Bed

Carrie McBride
Mar 19, 2012

A popular trend in designing for children is furniture that transitions to accomodate kids' needs as they grow. Investing in furniture that your kid can only use for a year or two is a hard sell to parents, but promising them longevity can be a great incentive.

The Achille bed (which I'm guessing is named after Italian industrial designer Achille Castiglioni and not a reference to the ancient Greek warrior Achilles) was designed by Frenchman Adrien Haas. As you can see, in its first incarnation it is a toddler size bed with a 4.5' mattress and a toy box/play surface at the foot. Later, slats replace the toy box and another mattress is added to extend the bed length to 6'.

You can't see from these renderings, but there is room at the top of the bed to hold books or other small items. Another aspect of Haas' design is the cocoon-like head area to create a feeling of safety and coziness.

The Achille bed is not quite in production. It is one of the projects on L'EDITO, a French "coproduction" site that is similar to Kickstarter and the Achille is awaiting more investors. The expected retail price is between €750 and €1000.

What do you think of this design? Would it work for you?

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