Buy or DIY: Stilts for Kids' Active Play

Do you remember building stilts out of cans or wood? That has to be in one of my top happy memories. So when I saw my kids finding out how to do this, it made me smile really wide. 

Here are a few options to either buy stilts or make your own with your kids. Heck, make them in adult sizes too! 

Tin Can Stilts by Swoon Studio
Simple Wooden Stilts, by Happy Whimsical Hearts
Handmade Wood Stilts, by Waldorf Moms

Birch Branch Stilts, Bella Luna Toys, $19.95
Tac Tac Stilts, Anatina Toys, $22.23
Children's Stilts, EEStilts, $30

(Images: as linked)

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