We set you up early with some ideas for beautiful calendars for kids, but in our house, it's never too late to get in on a new calendar. In fact, I always wait til a few days after the new year, since then you get all your calendars at a deep discount! We found some great calendars for 2013 that provide fun activities for your kids, some on a monthly and others on a daily basis. Check out our roundup after the jump!

1. Colorforms Calendar: I used to live for Colorforms. Now your kids can, too, with a different picture to design each month. Will they create one master work that they can admire all month, or change the picture up weekly or daily?

2. Bubble Wrap Calendar: Bubble wrap! Every day you get to pop a bubble. The only question remains: do you pop at the beginning or end of the day, and can you pop just one?

3. Highlights Puzzles and Games Calendar: You remember Highlights, right? I used to read them at the dentist's office to see what Goofus and Gallant were up to. This calendar features a daily activity in the iconic Highlights style.

4. Paper Source Zoo Calendar: Build six different paper animals with your kids; each one displays two months of the year.

5. Dot-to-Dot Desk Calendar: If your kids love dot-to-dot, then you've just given them 365 reasons to check what day it is!

6. Daily Doodle Calendar: Each daily page begins with an open-ended doodle or drawing prompt from Taro Gomi. Imagine all the artwork you'll have by the end of the year!

7. Martha Stewart Kids' Projects Calendar: This calendar comes with 12 step-by-step project cards so that you and your kids can make each monthly project.

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