Add Removable Privacy To Any Door With Cornstarch

Manhattan Nest

In the past we've talked about using cornstarch as a temporary way to hang fabric on walls. It's a great solution for renters and the mixture makes the fabric peel right off when you're ready for it to come down. Taking that idea to the windows, these vintage doors recently had a whole new privacy makeover and the results are simply stunning.

When it comes to old doors, especially those with windows, things aren't always as square as we'd like them to be. And although using sticky film is an option (if you're ok with the residue it leaves behind), it isn't as forgiving and can end up being a larger pain in the neck than it has to be.

To help things out a sheet from IKEA was used to help polish off the look. It was cut into approximate squares and once the cornstarch mixture was applied, the homeowner was easily able to shift and adjust as the window frame dictated.

The end result is crisp, clean and does amazing things, not only for privacy's sake, but also for the overall look of the space. Check out all the details of this transformation over at Manhattan Nest.

(Image: Manhattan Nest)

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