There's something really refreshing about a beautiful antique sofa or chair covered in a humble fabric. And I have been seeing this a lot recently. I have seen both really expensive and inexpensive pieces done in burlap-- and that is the great thing about it-- It's a look that is accessible at any price point. Burlap will add tons of texture and character to your room.

Also, I have recently fallen in love with furniture that looks like it is not finished, or a little run down. I have to admit that the first time I saw it I was less than thrilled-- I thought it looked a bit too disheveled, but the more I see it, the more I like it-- especially when you have a highly tailored black leather couch, with a pair of torn/naked armchairs (a la antique armchairs pictured above).

I also included a picture of a sack of Royal Basmati Rice that I saw at the grocery store last night-- converting this sack into a pillow would be ridiculously simple. The sack already has a zipper, so the only thing you'd have to do is remove the handles, and fill the sack with foam filler-- for next to nothing (especially if you need to buy rice anyway), you have an easy do-it-yourself pillow.