Add the Magic: Canopies in Kids Rooms

One of the easiest ways to add a hint of magic to a child's space is with a simple canopy. They can add drama and exoticness or just a more private, cozy feel to a room. Here are 15 children's rooms with canopies, some very simple, others more elaborate...

Most any fabric will work, although lightweight, gauzy ones are a popular choice. Our projects editor, Dabney Frake, walks through a tutorial to make your own here using curtain panels (see the results at #12 below). If you live near an IKEA, they sell a children's canopy for $20.

  1. Girl's bedroom from The Wheeler's Fresh Eclectic Home
  2. Girl's bedroom from Molly and John's Light-Filled Home for Five
  3. Arthur & Violette's Cohesive Shared Room
  4. Mae's Room in an Art-Fueled, Playful Kid Heaven
  5. My Room: Roën
  6. Big Sister's Eclectic Escape
  7. Girl's bedroom from Nicolas & Fabienne's Quirky & Colorful London Home
  8. Tessa Jean's Sassy & Bright Big Girl Room
  9. Girl's bedroom from Corey Lynn Calter's Grown Up Home
  10. Girl's bedroom from Chris & Sam's Elegant Family Duplex in Edinburgh
  11. A Moroccan-Themed Explorer's Nursery
  12. Laken's Dorm Room Redo: Before & After Reveal (with tutorial)
  13. Canopied Reading Nook in The MacKays' Former Billiard Room Home
  14. A Little Haven for Baby
  15. Canopied corner in Melyssa & Ted's Colorful Carriage House

(Image credits: Bethany Nauert; Jill Slater; Mariannesix; Jill Slater; reader Sarah; reader Amy; Eleanor Busing; Black and White and Loved All Over; Marcia Prentice; Lizzie Ford; Angela Grammatas; Dabney Frake; Soffia G./Skreytum hus; Tara Belucci)