Add This To Your Blog Roll: Discover Interior Design

We visit a lot of blogs in a day so it takes a lot to get us to stop and linger, let alone return. But that's exactly what we've found ourselves doing with Discover: Interior Design...

Kristin Warbington is a LEED AP Interior Designer whose excitement about her work is contagious and she wants the people who read her blog to feel the same way. More than just sharing beautiful images, she wants to pull you along on her journey, teaching you about interior design along the way. Our favorite section is At Home, glimpses into the living spaces of various design and architecture bloggers (that's the home of Daniella of Dress Design Decor above). Looking to get some inspiration? Check out Spark Plugs. Or maybe you want to get familiar with a little lingo? Then click on over to Designer Jargon. To start exploring, click here