Addie's "Sealskin + Ivory" Room

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Chattanooga, TN
Inspiration for my palette:
I am naturally drawn to dark colors and the feeling of warmth and coziness that they create. Think leathers, velvets, and warm wooden accents. This particular color, Sealskin, first began as a choice for painting the mantel---it wasn't long before it had gone beyond the brick borders and onto every wall. Dramatic, dark backgrounds make all whites much more crisp and all colors more vibrant.
Colors used in my room
Sealskin + Ivory + Leather + True Red
Tips for using color successfully
Don't be afraid of it. If you like dark, go dark! And a limited palette does not stifle creativity---instead, it allows you to introduce new and old materials much more easily and more often (which is especially helpful if you are a chronic re-arranger like yours truly).
Sealskin + Ivory

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