Adding Architectural Interest: Removable Wall Panels

Adding Architectural Interest: Removable Wall Panels

Kate Legere
Mar 29, 2012

Wall panels aren't a new concept, but they are a great solution if you have an ugly, problem wall that needs covering or if you simply want to add texture and shape to a room. Often described as 3D wallpaper, once installed, you can leave the panels as is or you can paint them any color you wish. Some can be easily removed, which makes them a great solution for renters. Here are 6 green versions to consider:

1. Inhabit Wall Flats: made from molded bagasse, a fiber that's left over after the juice is removed from sugarcane. Non-toxic and biodegradable. $85 for 10 tiles that cover up to 22.5 square feet.
2. WallArt 3d Wall Panels: also made from bagasse, making them recycled, compostable and 100% biodegradable. Available in 16 different patterns.
3. B + N Industries Reclaimed Wood Iconic Panels: includes three species: Western Redwood (revitalized wine tanks from the Pacific Northwest), Oregon Black Walnut (procured from urban salvage in Oregon), and Old Growth Douglas Fir (recycled from warehouse deconstruction - beams are picked from the best, tightest grain).
4. Mio Paperforms: made from 100% post- and pre-consumer waste paper, and can be installed temporarily with double-sided tape or permanently with wallpaper paste. $34 for 12 one square foot tiles.
5. Architectural Systems Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels: made from pressed bamboo pulp, the lightweight panels come in six patterns. Available unfinished in a white coloration, or can be painted or stained.
6. modularArts Interlocking Rock Tiles: made of high grade industrial gypsum, and can be mounted to your walls with 2 screws. $150 for 6 tiles that are each 16" x 16".

A DIY Modular Wall Treatment
How To: Install Inhabit Wall Flats

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