Wonderful Website: Paris Versus New York

Wonderful Website: Paris Versus New York

Jennifer Hunter
Feb 22, 2012

Paris versus New York may not be a tough decision for most New Yorkers I know; they're pretty loyal to their roots. In fact, Parisians are also notoriously proud of their beautiful city...

But my new obsession, Paris versus New York, a tally of two cities, contrasts the two with stylish and quirky side-by-side graphics, so you don't have to choose.

Created by French graphic designer Vahram Muratyan, these witty images highlight the best of both cities and will charm citizens from Brooklyn to Le Marais. Whether it's street snacks, seminal authors or Vogue editors, the comparisons are always clever, and the graphics are bright and happy.

Prints are on sale and there's even a book, but the archives alone are worth a visit and might help you brush up on your fran├žais.

For much more visit Paris versus New York

Images: Paris versus New York

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