Adrienne's Bold Statement

Mini Kids Tour

Name: Adrienne
Designer: Sissy + Marley
Location: New York City

Welcome to Adrienne's stylish digs. This young lady inhabits what is rightly described as "black, white and chic all over" by the design team Sissy+Marley. Fresh off the launch of their new line of wallpaper, the designers used their DROPS paper as the starting point for the room's bold monochromatic palette.

Maintaining their signature modern, sophisticated style, the room offers an unobtrusive interplay between areas of graphic pattern and clean minimalism. The wallpapered bed wall is the focal point of the room, while the other walls visually retreat to play up the furnishings and artwork.

Adrienne's mother contacted the group to transform her daughter's nursery into a space in which she could laugh, play and dream. There's no shortage of fun and girlishness, and yet the room can grow with Adrienne.

Toys and books, cleverly displayed in clear floating shelves, offer pops of color in the gorgeous black and white space. As the toddler's activities mature, these items are easily upgraded to reflect her evolving interests.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful room with us, Adrienne!


(Image credits: Marco Ricca)

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