Adventures and Outings: Ella on the Boardwalk

Adventures and Outings: Ella on the Boardwalk

Tammy Everts
Aug 13, 2008

During our Escapes month on Ohdeedoh, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. The first twenty submissions posted will receive the official AT bib. Hope to hear from you soon.

Look at that grin! Ella looks pretty happy, and for good reason. Says her mom, This photo shows Ella and her daddy on the boardwalk of the happiest place on earth, Ocean City, New Jersey!

Mom also says:

We love the beach, the ocean, the caramel corn, the ice cream, the boardwalk and the amusement rides but our favorite part of the o.c. is spending time with our family (at least 40 relatives and counting!).

There's no crying in Ocean City because we try to stick as close to our nightly bedtime routine as possible. This means Ella is asleep by 8pm with her monkey, pink blanket, and iPod playing all night long. We would never travel without Monkey, Pink Blanket, or "my music."

Ella loves that vacations mean lots of "Daddy Days" and Mommy loves seeing lots of Daddy too!

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