Adventures and Outings: Milo and Leigh at the Beach

Adventures and Outings: Milo and Leigh at the Beach

Julia Cho
Aug 20, 2008

During our Escapes month on Ohdeedoh, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. The first twenty submissions posted will receive the official AT bib. Hope to hear from you soon.

What a pretty shot. Milo and Leigh are enjoying the beach, especially after learning about it first through books.

The city and location the photo was taken: Capitola, CA, New Brighton State Beach

Your favorite baby or child-friendly activity there: Nature (includes birds, people, ocean water) watching.

Your best tip or words of wisdom for traveling with kids: My kids (Milo Age 1.5 & Leigh Age 2.5) love books, so whenever we take them somewhere special, we usually read them a book that relates to where we're going. This sort of familiarizes them. In this case, before heading to New Brighton State Beach, I read to them "In the Ocean" and when we got there, they constantly pointed to the ocean and the birds, etc. This way everything at the beach seemed new yet familiar and comforting to them.

Your favorite way to make it feel like home: Pack food, lots and lots of food they're used to consuming at home like soy milk, blueberries, and rice.

An item you MUST take with you when traveling: Books

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