Adventures and Outings: Tyler Contemplates Bondi Beach

Adventures and Outings: Tyler Contemplates Bondi Beach

Tammy Everts
Aug 15, 2008

During our Escapes month on Ohdeedoh, we are posting great photos and tips for traveling with children from our readers. Please check here for all the details. The first twenty submissions posted will receive the official AT bib. Hope to hear from you soon.

Tyler looks so pensive. Perhaps he's wondering if water really does run counter-clockwise down the drain in the antipodes. His mom says that Tyler loved the sights and sounds of Sydney, especially the beach and the zoo.

The city and location the photo was taken in: Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. This picture is of Tyler checking out the ocean. The water was a bit chilly so he didn't venture out far.

Your favorite baby or child-friendly activity there: Our favorite activity was probably the beach or the Sydney Taronga Zoo. The boys LOVED both!!

Best tip: Bring familiar comfort items and a few favorite toys and don't forget a bag of tricks for those long flights!! And remember, there will be meltdowns but just take it all in stride. It's part of the whole traveling thing. It passes just as quickly as it comes.

To make it feel like home: I try to pack a pillow and blankie that the boys are fond of so it makes sleeping a bit easier on everyone.

Must have travel item: A great stroller and diaper bag back pack. Oh, and a great carrier for the little one!!

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