Advice for Creating Your Home's Story

How do you create a home that has a story? That paints a picture of your style that looks and feels like you? As always, we spotted some great and interesting advice in this week's most popular house tours. Perhaps it will inspire you to create a great story with your home?

Buy secondhand

"Buy secondhand, then reupholster, repaint, upcycle to avoid your home looking like an IKEA showroom."

— From Gigi's Candy-Colored London Cottage


"Peruse stores and magazines. And even better — find a friend who is creative and challenges your style. This will add to the effect and story of your space."

— From Michelle and John's Handcrafted Family Home

Start with the basics

"My grandma always told me to start with your basic pieces of furniture, and then find reasons to add more. In a small space, there shouldn’t be anything that’s unusable."

— From Ross's Greenwich Village Home

Listen to yourself!

(When asked about what friends say about their home:) "You should have a big party! And the answer is NO. I will have a small party."

— From Hilary's Hilltop Home

Love everything

"Never have anything in your home that you don’t absolutely love."

— From Kerra's Picture-Perfect Perch

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(Image credits: Rebecca Bond; Christine Lu; Liana Hayles Newton; Marcia Prentice; Natalie Grasso)