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Q: I have these illustrated vintage-looking ABC cards that I'd like to display somehow in my son's nursery. They were reproduced from a 1940s French children's book and many of the corresponding words are quite obscure (S is for "scaphandrier"--or deep sea diver), which is part of what I like about them. My initial idea was to spell out his name, Simon, by clipping the cards with wooden laundry pins to a wire or twine along the wall. Do you have any similar DIY projects archived? Or could anyone suggest a creative alternative for displaying them? Ideally I'd like to do something where the cards are interchangeable so that he can eventually play with them and pin up his own words.

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Editor: Here's a post you should check out: 10 Ways to Hang and Display ABC Flashcards. Readers - weigh in with what you think Nicole should consider or what you've done in your home.

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