Advice For Refinishing Rusty Tolix Chairs?

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Q: I found four Tolix chairs for cheap on Craigslist because someone had left them outside without the proper weatherproofing and they rusted. I like the rusty look but need to refinish them to keep them from continuing to rust through, since I want to use them outside on the patio.

I can't find *anything* online about refinishing Tolix chairs specifically, but from my research about refinishing steel and metal more generally it looks like my basic steps are scrubbing with steel wool, naval jelly/phosphoric acid, lots of sanding, repaint. (Using rust paint? Is rust paint weatherproof? Other recommended paint/finish options?) Does this sound right? Does anyone have tips on specific products or techniques that I should look into? Since I'm not anti-rust, is there a way to just remove the top layer of peeling paint and seal to prevent further rusting? Am I crazy to DIY this? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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