Advice for Setting Up New Home in Sunroom?

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Q: I am moving into a former sunroom in an older house. I love that it has lots of light (windows on three walls), but the room presents a number of challenges: 1) Warmth (this is an OLD house, i.e. insulation is not the best). Any suggestions on where I could find cute insulated curtains? 2) Color (the room has forest green laminate flooring and white walls with one wall covered in brick). I am just starting out on my own so I don't have a lot of furniture or cash...

I do have a set of espresso colored wood bookshelves that I love, but I do not know if I should coordinate my desk, bed, wardrobe (there isn't a closet in this room either!) with this color. What color, or colors, of furniture could I go with? Also, since the room will likely be chilly, I would like to get a rug. This raises more questions about color though. Would an off-white or tan be terribly strange?

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Good Questions

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