Aelfie's signature rugs
(Image credit: Henry Chen)
Aelfie was one of our three November Pitch Presenters. Besides being absolutely adorable (and we totally want to be her bff), she is also a rug genius. She discovered her love of rugs when she was 17 and hasn't looked back. We featured her Brooklyn showroom back in May and she has come a long way since then! She gave us a really nice overview of the history of rugs and of her design inspiration. Click above for a few of her hit designs and below for her video and bio. Click here for upcoming Design Evening details...

Guest: Aelfie Oudghiri
Company: Aelfie
Hometown: NYC
About: "Aelfie's design studio & rug showroom is home to hundreds of antique, vintage and contemporary rugs. She is located in Brooklyn, NYC off the Morgan L train. Along with creating a line of rugs and curating a collection of vintage textiles, she is also available for sourcing, custom manufacturing, dyeing and design. Owner and designer Aelfie Oudghiri is always happy to talk rugs, books, art, design, pop culture and philosophy. Aelfie holds a B.A. in Religion from Columbia University and has been known to breakdance."