Mar 27, 2007

A garden appliance? That is what AeroGarden claims it is, that is, an appliance that lets you grow a garden in your kitchen. It's a virtual earth-in-a-box with a green thumb computer to help you out. We think you would have to try pretty hard to kill something, as it comes with a bunch of foolproof features. Aerogarden has built-in sunlight and a computerized system that tells you when to feed it, as well as settings for the type of plant.

The plants grow in water, rather than dirt, using "NASA-tested" aeroponic technology. They claim things will grow five times faster, but you're tied to their seedpod kits. That means you're limited to growing what they offer, but perhaps there is a way to hack your own pod.

We're curious if it would work to grow some herbs and fresh veggies in the winter. Anyone a fan?

Available here for $149.95.

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