Affirmagy Blankets

Affirmagy Blankets

Feb 27, 2007

Language is powerful, and the way we use language, both with and around children, is important, which is why we thought the idea behind Affirmagy baby blankets was a good one. Why not surround your baby with the language of welcome and love?

Affirmagy also sells larger blankets for adults. While this one technically this isn't a baby blanket, we were especially pleased to see a pink blanket espousing the virtues of courage, printed with phrases like, "I will not give up" and "My strength and resolve run deep" and "I act in spite of my fears." At 60" x 50" this is too large for a baby blanket, but would be a great gift for an older girl, perhaps as an antidote to all the Bratz merchandise out there.

Cotton wraps for baby are 30" x 40" and are $19.99; fleece are 38" x 28" and $24.99. Adult sized blankets are $29.99. Click each blanket to read the affirmation printed on it.

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