8 Affordable Essentials for a First Bathroom

8 Affordable Essentials for a First Bathroom

In the past, whenever I've moved, the bathroom's one of the few rooms in the house that is always refurnished. By the time I moved everything feels so tired and used, and bathroom styles and colors vary so widely from house to house, so I never want to spend a ton of money. Whether you're moving into new digs, or gearing up for your first bathroom, these essentials will get you started without breaking the bank — everything is under $40.

The whole room comes in at $150. Clockwise from left:

1. Great Shower Curtain: I like to start with a great shower curtain because it's the easiest way to incorporate color and pattern, and can influence the rest of the space. Everything else is neutral, typically solid, but this is an easy spot to make a big fun statement. Triangle-Chain Shower Curtain, $32 at Urban Outfitters
2. A Coordinated Towel Set: It's easiest to have a base white set, so if you ever need to add or replace within the set white is easy to match. Then, if you really want add in color or pattern, do it with hand towels. Room Essentials Towel Collection - True White, $11.97 from Target
3. Shower Organizer: Placing your toiletries on the small corners of your tub will get old real quick, so get an organizer. There are tons of options and configurations, but most people prefer the over the shower head or corner tension rod style, rather than relying on shelves and suction cups. BLANKEN Shower Caddy, $6.99 from IKEA
4. Countertop Organizer Set: Consider getting a matching set of soap dish, toothbrush holder and pump to reduce visual clutter. I like to get a refillable liquid soap pump and then keep a giant refill rather than always buying the individual use options. LIMMAREN 4-piece bathroom set, $12.99 from IKEA
5. Trash Can:It's pretty easy to find inexpensive ones that can fit under the sink cabinet. If it has to be out in the open pick one that you don't mind looking at every day. HULINGEN Pedal bin, $14.99 from IKEA
6. Squeegee: Wipe down your shower after every use for a simple and easy way to keep your shower clean and mold free. Casabella Clip-On Silicone Squeegee, $9.99 at Bed Bath &, Beyond
7. Bathmat: Definitely necessary for to keep things soft and dry underfoot. Try to just stick with one right outside your tub, but depending on the size of your bathroom you might want more. This one's nice, thick and reversible: Reversible Bath Rug, $24.95 from Crate&Barrel
8. Plunger and Toilet Bowl Brush: It's not glamorous, but it is a necessity. Get a durable set, and one that looks decent since unless you have storage to hide it away, it will likely sit right next to your toilet and you'll see it every day. Polder Dual Bath Caddy, $36.69 from Target

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