Affordable Glass Horseshoe Chandeliers

Affordable Glass Horseshoe Chandeliers

Susie Nadler
Jan 12, 2010


Glass Links Chandelier from West Elm

A couple of years ago I fell in love with a way-too-expensive chandelier at the McRae showroom at the Design Center. It was a cascade of horseshoe-shaped glass links... all the elegance and drama of a cascade chandelier, but with a modern edge. And now, as luck would have it, there's been a run on inexpensive reproductions of this piece.


First there was Horchow, with this $990 rectangular version. Still a bit (okay, WAY) out of our budget, but a lot less than the custom version at McRae.


Then Z Gallerie chimes in with a $299 glass link chandelier, in the cascade shape with removable links, just like the original. I love the way the glass takes on the look of a net or a web. In person, the light reflects beautifully inside that webbing.


West Elm's version is similar to Horchow's, but at one-third of the price: $299.

The design of this chandelier is so versatile; I think it could fit with almost any decor scheme. Has anyone seen the affordable versions in person? Do tell!

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