Affordable Shelf with Compartments for Diaper Supplies

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Q: I am a huge fan of the site and have spent about a million hours on it since I found out I was pregnant 7 months ago. LOVE the pictures of real nurseries - I have been so inspired! I would love some advice from readers about a design challenge I am wrestling with. I have a relatively small dresser that I refinished myself (with low VOC paint and a mask of course!), and I will use it as a combination changing table/dresser when the baby comes in July. There isn't enough space for all of the diaper changing supplies on top, so I want a shelf, ideally w/ compartments, to mount on the wall. Thinking something like this (pictured), but ideally for a more reasonable price. Maybe some readers have recommendations or can share how they have tackled this challenge?

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Editor: Readers, can you suggest a similar (but cheaper) product or have other solutions to offer?

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