Highlights from the Spring 2012 AIA Los Angeles Home Tours

This series of AIA Los Angeles home tours solidified my conviction that great design is great design from small to large homes. It didn't take a grand home with lots of square footage to convince me that the most simple but beautiful design can take center stage. Frank Esher & Ravi GuneWardena designed a post war bungalow around the most stunning feature — the view. Their design was hands down my favorite home on the tour!

Ortiz & Wheeler Residence
Designed by: Santiago Ortiz, Assoc. AIA – Ortiz Mexia Projects, Inc.

The Ortiz & Wheeler Residence is a new construction for a family that wanted a home that considered their children, the environment, and the future. Even though the home has green features, it is also rich in architectural elements and materials.

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Sheller-Borunda Residence
Designed by: Richard Seltzer, Assoc. AIA – Richard Seltzer Designs

This home merges indoor and outdoor areas, with virtually no walls in the living room. The outside elements add to the aesthetic of the interior design landscape. The layout of the home is open, and spaces flow freely into one another.

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Pearson Trent Residence
Designed by: Frank Escher & Ravi GuneWardena, AIA – Escher GuneWardena Architecture

When you walk into the Pearson Trent Residence you are taken aback by the incredible view seen from all angles in the main living areas. Design icons Frank Escher and Ravi GuneWardena took the original architecture and revised the footprint to create a rectangular design that allows for a panoramic view of the city.

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Alan-Voo Family Home
Designed by: Neil M. Denari, AIA – NMDA

When you approach the Alan-Voo residence it appears to be an average home, but as you walk around to the back of the home you are surprised with an ultra modern 1000 square foot extension. The addition is a sharp depature from the architecture of the original home. It boosts bright colors and new materials.

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To view the rest of the homes, check out the AIA home tours gallery — you won't be disappointed. Thank you again Carlo Caccavale and the fantastic AIA Los Angeles team for inviting me back year after year to tour your curated collection of architectural homes.

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(Images: Marcia Prentice)

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