Air Conditioner Cover by Leslie Fry

We live with an "unsightly swamp cooler" (in the words of Dwell magazine, where we spotted this solution), and have pondered ways to conceal it. Since it's just off the kitchen, we were considering building a vertical shelving/storage unit on the wall, complete with a door opening for when the a/c unit is in use. Now this artistic air conditioner cover by artist Leslie Fry is on our list of considerations. We love the final product as much as we love how it was constructed:

Leslie combined her love of abstract art with her love of cookies as inspiration for these covers, which are made from plaster casts of empty cookie packaging. The wood and plaster prototype measures 20" x 28 1/2" x 6", but Leslie now takes custom orders to cover everything from the a/c unit to wall vents, concrete footings, tangles of computer cords, and utility areas.