How To "Frame" Airplants

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Browsing one of our favorite local shops, Paxton Gate, for all things weird and wonderful, my fiancé and I stumbled upon a simple frame wired to contain a display of the airplants that they had for sale. "I'm going to make one of those." he proclaimed, something (unsurprisingly) much more likely to come out of my mouth than his. Here are the results...

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What You Need


  • Wooden Frame
  • Wire (picture wire works best)
  • Air plants


  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
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1. Measure out the frame and make evenly spaced markings where you will drill — you want the end result to be a grid.

2. Drill your holes as marked.

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3. Starting on one side begin to feed the wire through the holes until you have a series of parallel lines. Tie off the end to finish.

4. On the alternate side repeat, weaving the wire over and under the existing rows to create a grid, tightening as you go. Tie off the end.

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5. Tuck your Airplants into the grid and display!

(Image credits: Kim Lucian)