AK-LH: Circulatory System Arm Chairs

While some people might pass on the opportunity to sit in one of these anatomically inspired armchairs, we love our design and decor with a certain quirkiness. Named, 'Flow' these chairs are from AK-LH; whose off-beat style upsets fixed ideas and applies unusual silhouettes and organic matters to everyday artifacts. Following ethical and quality convictions, the whole AK-LH range of artifacts is made in France by the best craftsmen. Click through for more on these super fun pieces...

There are 7 of these chairs floating around Europe (their products haven't quite reached the US yet unfortunately), signed and numbered. Judging by their website, there is quite the line of products that can be found if you live across the pond; everything from placemats and aprons to pillows and other assorted chairs. Keep your fingers crossed for the work of AK-LH coming to a store near you soon!

Helpful Links: AK-LH website